Webmail is a convenient alternative to desktop and phone email applications if you don't have access to your personal computer and you don't have a smart phone. You'll be able to access your email messages through any Internet browser, so you can stay in touch with friends and family if you take a trip and you drop by an Internet cafe, for example. Webmail applications are rather advanced, so you will not only have the ability to send and receive e-mails, but you'll also be able to work with an address book, create a customized signature or perhaps make new folders, that can afterwards show up in your desktop email program. You should know that the email messages shown in the webmail are the ones on the server, so if you create an email address in a desktop app with the POP protocol, the messages will be downloaded on your desktop and they won't be available in the webmail. The answer in cases like this is to use the IMAP protocol any time you create your e-mails in a PC application.

Webmail RoundCube in Cloud Web Hosting

If you have a cloud web hosting from us, you can make use of Roundcube, an advanced webmail application. You are able to access it through the Hepsia website hosting Control Panel, used to handle the account, or exclusively by typing a URL inside your Internet browser and then entering your e-mail and the password for it. You'll be also able to open the app under your own URL http://webmail.your-domain.com if the emails are used by a company or an enterprise, for instance. Roundcube contains practically all the options that you could require from an e-mail application and you can now quickly create various identities for a specific email, set up and implement an address book, create folders or HTML signatures, opt for the time zone according to your location at the moment, and even more.