If you would like to create a professionally looking site, but you do not have lots of experience and aren't absolutely sure what application to employ, it could help if your web hosting company offers a site installer tool. In contrast to the popular application installers that are basically just a set of scripts, a site installer will help you to pick the most suitable program depending on the sort of site which you wish to create. This will save you the time and efforts to investigate whether a specific script can do the job or not. Only a few companies offer Internet site installers, but if you have this kind of a software tool at your disposal, you'll be able to start your web presence fast and easy. What you'll get will be a ready-to-use Internet site that you can begin customizing according to your taste and needs using the back office of the newly installed app.

Website Installer in Cloud Web Hosting

All our cloud web hosting plans include a website installer that is offered by default within the Hepsia CP at no additional cost. Not only will it enable you to select the right program for your Internet site, but it will also allow you to pick from more than a thousand stunning templates, so you can create a professional website without spending lots of money for web design services. All it takes to achieve that is to select a domain or a subdomain hosted in the account, pick the kind of website and the template you prefer the most, and then choose what password and username you want to use for the application admin area. Our system shall set everything up in a matter of minutes, so you'll be able to start adding posts to your new blog, include items to an online store or upload photos to your new photography portfolio.