InnoDB is a very popular storage engine for MySQL. It is an alternative to the default MyISAM engine and it has got numerous upsides which have made it the engine of choice for many open-source script-based web applications, such as Joomla and Magento, which have switched to InnoDB for good. For example, importing immense data volumes will be much faster with InnoDB, due to the fact that it locks only one row to execute a particular operation, not the entire table, which makes the engine perfect for scalable apps. InnoDB also supports foreign keys and database transactions – these refer to the way in which the data is tackled. Put simply, adding new or editing existent data will either be entirely completed, or will be canceled and the operation will be rolled back if some issue occurs in the meantime, therefore the content that remains in the database will not be lost.

InnoDB in Cloud Web Hosting

InnoDB is available with all our cloud web hosting by default, not as a paid upgrade or upon request, so you can install and run any open-source script-driven app which requires the MySQL database storage engine without the need to deal with any problem as soon as you activate your shared account. InnoDB will be pre-selected as the default engine for a given database during the app activation, irrespective of whether you take advantage of our single-click installer or create the database and install the application manually, as long as the app requires it instead of the more famous MyISAM engine. We’ll generate daily MySQL database backups, so you can be certain that you won’t ever lose any content if you erase a database accidentally or you overwrite some key info – you’ll simply need to touch base with us and we’ll restore your database back to normal.